Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Hay Bales' by Monster.

Hay Bales, originally uploaded by Monster..

Thank you for all your lovely responses to yesterday's post. I wasn't fishing for compliments but it was so wonderful to hear you say nice things about my own photography. I will make an effort to post more of my own pictures in future. After all if you can't show off your own work on your blog where can you?

And if was great to get some inspiration from you about what photos you'd like to see. Therefore, I have posted this picture tonight especially for Crystal Jigsaw who said she loved countryside views. Hay bales are something I've always wanted to photograph. The trouble is when I do get a good view of some it's when we are driving by in the car and there's never a good place to stop for a photo.

This photo is great. I think it's really interesting how the field is in two parts - the three bales in detail in the foreground and then an assortment of different bales in the background. I also love all the shades of orange and brown. It shows that a photo like this doesn't need blue skies and fluffy clouds to be great.


  1. My beloved Godfather was a farmer on the Isle of Man. He died a year ago from cancer, taken too soon. I have such a lovely memory of him getting very excited when new balers came in and he could make these circular bales. He called them groovy bales and my OH and me always call them that now. I love harvest time for that very reason! Thank you for showing me these groovy bales!

  2. Wow! I am really honoured. That is an absolutely beautiful photo.
    I had hundreds of straw bales in my fields straight after harvest
    And was always taking photos of them with the dogs. Such a lovely
    Scene. Thank you, that's really lovely of you.

    CJ xx

  3. Great photo! I love the colours!


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