Monday, 8 November 2010

'Hot chocolate break' by Me

Hot chocolate break, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

This one is for everyone who got caught in the rain today. Although I guess there are people reading this on the other side of the world who are enjoying warm spring weather right now. If any of you still fancy a hot chocolate you are most welcome to join me too.

I took this photo last year in Costa Coffee. I know people probably look at me strangely when I am taking pictures of my food and drink but hey it's worth it to get the shot I'm after. I can't imagine I took much time taking this photo anyway. I imagine I wanted to get stuck right in to the chocolatey goodness. In fact, I bet I only took a picture of the bottom of the glass because I had already lapped up the cream on top!

Anyway, a big chocolately "cheers" to you all!


  1. Yummy! Just polished mine off, think hot chocolate is one of the best things about autumn :)

  2. Oh I got soooooo wet yesterday on the walk to school and stayed wet for the whole day.....miserable! Could just drink a hot chocolate now though :-)


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