Monday, 29 November 2010

'A Balanced Brickfast' by powerpig

A Balanced Brickfast, originally uploaded by powerpig.

I really like this photo. I like it because it's quirky and creative. My favourite thing about it is definitely the colours though. So bright and happy. I think this would actually make a rather nice poster. Not sure where I would put it but I think it would look great nonetheless.

It also reminds me of breakfast time. I do rather like a refreshing bowl of cereal in the morning. I remember for years I never even bothered with breakfast at home. It's only now I'm at home with my daughter that we share this meal together. And by share I mean we have a bowl of cereal each but he helps herself to mine while I'm eating then makes a start on her own. So that means she gets one and a half breakfasts and I just get half. Oh well, I guess that's a good dieting tip!

Anyway, enough of my waffle (mmm, waffles.....). Now just enjoy this photo. Hope it makes you smile!


  1. I love this photo. Fabulous colour, quirky, great composition and appropriate fstop. perfect!

  2. haha.. thats probably something that will become my breakfast reality in the near future.


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