Thursday, 30 September 2010

'White and red' by Me

White and red, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

My husband was such a sweetheart this week surprising me with a lovely bunch of flowers. It was a beautiful selection of white blooms. The scent is gorgeous too and really hits you as soon as you enter the room. I'm going to miss them when they are gone. As expected I took some photos. I was really pleased with the ones I took and four of them made it onto Flickr. I've had great trouble deciding which one to share with you here tonight though so I've gone for the one which is probably most interesting.

I was trying to decide how to photograph the bouquet and thought I'd try putting one of them in one of my red wine glasses. I took two shots and decided it wasn't going to work. However, when I downloaded them I thought I actually rather liked this one. What do you think? I like the texture of the flower next to the smooth glass and I like the contrast of the pure white and the bright red.


  1. Very pretty--love the contrast in colors! Aren't you lucky--surprise flowers! Nice! :)

  2. Lovely, made me think of my wedding - my dress was red and white.

  3. it's a gorgeous photo!
    i really love the shade of red against the soft white =)

    i'm a new visitor, happened to stumble across your blog and thought i'd say hello. as a fellow photography fan i'll be dropping by often! hope you drop by and say hello as well!


  4. Ooo – how lovely to surprise you with flowers! Yes, I really like this one. The contrast is wonderful and the close up of the petals adds a very graphic element. I always enjoy seeing your personal images here. – g


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