Friday, 1 October 2010

'All tucked up warm and cosy in bed' by ZedBee | Zoë Power

Today has been a very soggy day. It's been a fun day in general but I could have done with not coming home looking like a drowned rat. I guess that's autumn for you. Rain, rain and more rain that makes you so look forward to getting home and putting warm, dry clothes on and snuggling up with a large mug of hot chocolate in front of the telly.

I was hoping to post a picture of roaring fires, snuggly blankets and hot drinks etc but then I spotted this one and thought yes, now that IS cosy!! I love these colours and I love the way the scarves match the bed but most of all I just love it because it's cute, cute, cute! Right, I'm off for a cuddle and a hot chocolate. Hope you all have a fabulous and non-soggy weekend.


  1. This is so adorable!! Hope it dries up just a little...guess what? We've got rain on the way! After 100 degree temps all week I couldn't be happier :)


  2. For some reason, the teddies remind me of an old married couple! :) So very very cute!

    Have a great wkend!

  3. So adorable! There's nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa...oh, and you need a good book to read or a good movie to watch.

  4. momma j lee - I thought old married couple too when I saw it!


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