Monday, 27 September 2010

'I'm ready for my close up' by Me

I'm ready for my close up, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I love nesting dolls. I even collated a Flickr gallery of some of my favourite nesting doll photos. However, I'd never got around to taking any myself until today. Whilst playing with my little girl in her room I spied the ones a friend had bought for her on holiday and grabbed my camera and snapped away. I am sure my daughter thought I was a little crazy. Anyway, I think this one is my favourite. It made me smile because it's like a proper portrait shot of the doll and she almost looks like she's posing on purpose for me.


  1. Woah, look at those eyelashes!
    I love Russian dolls too - I'll check out your flickr gallery

  2. Adorable!! I grew up w/nesting grandparents brought them from Eastern Europe and they were my faves!


  3. Great picture, my eldest still loves hers and it managed to survive the 'I'm too old for toys' stage.

  4. It's lovely, I really like nesting dolls and I bet your daughter doesn't think you're any more crazy than my son does after watching me take hundreds of pictures of the same six cakes today. ;0)

  5. They're gorgeous! It reminds me of all of the lovely little items like nesting dolls, toy soldiers, miniature carousels, little japanese dolls etc. that I buy to decorate my childrens rooms - I think that I get more enjoyment out of them than they do! xx p.s. thanks for visiting my blog - you share my taste in comfy beds!

  6. I love matryoshka :) They make me happy :) And I already have three sets (painted, unpainted & measuring cups) but I still want more!

    Even designed some rings based on them ages back!

    And I made little mortar boards for the measuring cups when I graduated this summer in-loo of a proper graduation picture :)

    I'm a little odd aren't I? x

  7. I adore nesting dolls!! (am about to post a pic of mine today!!)


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