Monday, 13 September 2010

'Love autumn' by Me

Love autumn, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I went out today with with the intention of taking some lovely autumn photos. Turns out the leaves round here are still green. I guess I need to have a little more patience. It didn't really matter though as I took some gorgeous shots of my little girl enjoying herself in the park instead. Then on the way home I randomly picked up an acorn I saw on the ground. I'm not sure exactly what my intention was at the time other than I'll get this in a photo some how! Anyway, this is how I got it in a photo. An acorn placed next to a heart. The heart is part of a wooden serviette holder. I think it looks pretty.


  1. Very beautiful! I can't wait for autumn to visit my little town. It gets extremely hot here in the summer and we welcome autumn and its cooler weather with open arms.

  2. Autumn certainly inspires, doesn't it? Lovely colours and textures to be had.


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