Saturday, 11 September 2010

'Autumn in London' by Jos Mecklenfeld

Autumn in London, originally uploaded by Jos Mecklenfeld.

How cool is this? I love London so of course I love looking at pictures of the city but never seen one taken quite at this angle before. I think it's great that you can't see much of the surroundings but you know it's London. And the colours of the autumn leaves are just beautiful. What a gorgeous day it must have been.

But what I love most about this photo can't actually be seen. I find it fascinating thinking about what the photographer was doing. Was this a pre-planned photo? Or was he just wandering along and thought 'that looks pretty'? I also have a wonderful image in my head of someone lying on their front on the floor taking photos. I hope that was the case, it could of course have been taken by crouching down but I like the lying down idea. Much more fun!


  1. I love this too...the contrast between the crunchy leaves and then the smooth stone building and it looks so obviously London as well. :)

  2. Its a great photo, has to be lying down! Jen


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