Tuesday, 10 August 2010

'Light Rain' by petecarr

Light Rain, originally uploaded by petecarr.

Well summer has definitely gone AWOL. Today it just rained and rained but you know what... it was a good day. We went out in the morning and got a bit soggy but once we got home we had an arts and crafts afternoon. We did lots of cutting, sticking, painting, colouring and generally making a mess! I have realised that sunshine and hot weather may be gone for a while but never mind, it'll be back. And rain is only water and the temperature is hardly arctic. Let's go outside and splash in puddles!

That's why I picked this fabulous photo. These girls are totally unprepared for the rain but they don't seem to mind! The mood of this image is great and I love how bright it is even thought it's a night-time shot. It really is a positive and happy rainy day photo!


  1. We desperately need rain here! I think I'd run out and just stand in it ... just like these girls!! :)


  2. I really like that photo...they look so happy even in the rain.

  3. haha i loveeee this photo!!! :) please follow my new photography blog http://hannahrowsell.blogspot.com/

    thanks Hannah x

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun...happy girls in the rain...very cute!!!

    Happy sunday dear :-)

  5. The lady seems like this rain


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