Monday, 23 August 2010

'Pink-aholic' by mickiky

Pink-aholic, originally uploaded by mickiky.

Well it's been a busy few days. I've not been away, just been busy doing lots of fun things with friends, my hubby and my little girl. I've done a lot of dancing, nice food has been eaten, a wedding has been celebrated and a barbecue in the rain has been thoroughly enjoyed. I hardly saw the internet all weekend which was actually quite nice! Good to be back though and catching up on what feels like thousands of blog posts.

There's no connection between this photo and my weekend. I just found it, liked it and wanted to share it with you. It manages to be terribly cool and really pretty at the same time. And I've also had my head right up close to the screen for ages trying to work out what the reflections in the shiny bits are!

Hope you had a great weekend and your week has got off to fantastic start. And if it hasn't then no need to worry - only four days until the weekend!


  1. It is supercool and I put my nose to the screen too, bit like the 'don't think of an elephant' idea :) Jen

  2. Love the pink Vespa!! That would be fun to run about on ... especially if you were in Paris or Rome!

    A weekend away from the 'net is sometimes the most relaxing. Glad you enjoyed yours!


  3. I couldn't reply to your comment that you left but I think that's very cool about your Christmas dinner! xo, L.

  4. want a so Q-pink motocycle like this


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