Friday, 27 August 2010

'fairy light whisky ~ 078/365' by yellobagman

fairy light whisky ~ 078/365, originally uploaded by yellobagman.

I am always searching for vibrant party style photos to post here on a Friday to celebrate the weekend but they've not been as easy to find as I'd imagined. I guess because the lighting needs to be just perfect it's not such an easy shot to take on an actual night out. I have, however, found one hits the spot. It's so clear and crisp and I love the colours and the glow of the lights. The photographer has managed to make it feel like it was taken on a real night out. A quick drink then off to the dancefloor!

So happy weekend to you all. I hope you have lots of lovely things planned - especially those of you who have a long Bank Holiday weekend ahead of you.


  1. thought you might like to see the set up shot

  2. Thanks for showing us how it was done! I think it makes the photo seem even more impressive!


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