Thursday, 19 August 2010

'Caswell Bay' by Me

Caswell Bay, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I realise I told you about my recent trip to Wales but all you got from me was a picture of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. I should probably share with you a beach photo. This was taken at Caswell Bay in Gower. It was a fantastic beach. We weren't expecting it to be a particular sunny day so we went out in jeans but by the time we got there it was a lovely hot and sunny day. I took my girl in the sea with my jeans rolled up and her in her dress. Luckily I had a change of clothes for her and I soon dried off in the sun. Holding her hand and jumping over the waves was just one of those magical parenting moments. It really is the little things that get you isn't it?

After all the fun on the beach we went for a walk along cliffs and this was one of the views. I wondered why this part of the beach was deserted when it was really busy round the corner. I learned though that the tide comes right up high here so if you were sunbathing on this part of the beach and the tide came in you'd be pretty stranded.

So, here's one of my photos. I hope you like it. My favourite bit is the seagull in the sky. I think it finishes of the picture perfectly.


  1. Love it! Isn't it amazing when a bird flies in the perfect composition in a shot?

  2. Absolutely beautiful beach! I want to go there!

  3. I'm drifting away - this is so peaceful! The seagull really is the perfect little addition. :)
    I adore beach shots, something about them always lifts my spirits. This is really beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. What a wonderful beach. Wales and its not raining!

  5. I loved to imagine you jumping in the waves with your girl!! She'll remember that for sure. The picture you shared is beautiful.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my little space today, and leaving me a comment.
    The beach you feature here is a place I often visited as a child my father is welsh and we would go back to see family.
    I love that beach, seeing the photo's of it has brought back lots of happy memories, thanks for sharing


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