Wednesday, 18 August 2010

'colour me yellow' by Lulu & the Locket

I'm going to have to be quick tonight as I appear to have sprained my hand. It's been agony all day but it seems to be easing a little tonight. I am therefore going to be sensible and get off the computer in a minute as typing really isn't helping my recovery.

My husband bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers earlier this week just to cheer me up as it'd been a bit of a stressful weekend. Annoyingly, I've not actually had the chance or any good light to take any photos using them which is a real shame. Fingers crossed they'll still look nice tomorrow.

Therefore, I'm going to post this wonderful flower photo instead as it would also really cheer me up if I was feeling blue. It's amazing how the tones in this photo are really soft but the yellow is still to bright and vibrant. I'm smiling right now you know!


  1. awwh thank you so so much, this really means so much to me - wow! You have made my day on top of the fact I received flowers too!! So glad this cheered you up, I'm smiling as I write! Hugs

  2. i hope you can rub those flowers on your wrist and it'll feel better!! a wrist that is not working = annoying and painful too!


  3. Lovely photo:) Hope your wrist is better quickly. Jen

  4. What a good husband. Cheer up


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