Thursday, 5 August 2010

'Wales Millennium Centre' by Me

Wales Millennium Centre, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I promised you a picture from my trip to Wales so what do you reckon to this one? I was going to be obvious and post a pretty one I took on the beach but I actually thought this one was rather striking. It's of the Wales Millennium Centre which is situated in Cardiff Bay. In case you were wondering the words say: Creu Gwir Fel Gwydr O Ffwrnais Awen (Welsh) and In These Stones Horizons Sing (English).

I shall no doubt post some lovely beach photos at some point too as we had such a time playing on the sand and in the water. And I'll definitely want to talk about that with you as it made me so smiley!


  1. What a stunning photo.

    Those words 'In These Stones Horizons Sing' are pretty inspirational too!

  2. That is a superb photo.

  3. I need a decent camera. Any suggestions.

  4. Howdy PhotoPuddle. Great photo - you may be interested to know that we run a photo challenge to find cool covers for our brochures. see full details on our website:

    Dylan (Wales Millennium Centre)


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