Tuesday, 15 June 2010

'Have you LOL today?' by jackn888

Have you LOL today?, originally uploaded by jackn888.

I've been in a grumpy mood today. I don't really know why but I even had a little "why do I even bother blogging?" moment. It passed quickly lucky but don't we all have thoughts like that about our blogs occasionally?

So I needed a photo to make me smile and this one did! Isn't it just so cute? I love the composition of the picture and the way the character's head is just popping in from the corner of the photo. Really brings it to life. Now here's hoping I wake up tomorrow in a fantastic mood!


  1. There's nothing better than a good giggle is there?

  2. Another lovely photo:) Hope you feel better today:) Jen.

  3. aw...yes...i do hope you'll be happy tomorrow when posting...and I can see that even though you were frustrated, you cracked a smile open with this photo....

    it's funny!
    and the blurry background is what does it for me...that's why he's a poppin' froggie!

    ciao bella
    thanks for your comment too, btw!
    creative carmelina


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