Sunday, 13 June 2010

'Strawberries in the green' by Karin A~

Strawberries in the green, originally uploaded by Karin A ~.

One of the best things about summer is definitely picnics. I love them. They can anything from grabbing a pack of sandwiches from the supermarket and eating them in the park to elaborate dishes prepared for a huge gathering of friends and family. Either way they are still so perfect for a summer's day. My husband, daughter and I had a picnic today at a National Trust Garden in Sussex called Nymans. It was lovely and relaxing. Although a little bit tiring at times because my little one decided she wanted to do running races even thought she's only one year old she's actually getting rather fast! But when I got my breath back it was relaxing!

This is a lovely picnicy photo. Strawberries are just the best summer fruit don't you think? I love this photo because even though it only features some grass and some fruit it still captures that relaxed summer feeling. And the colours, well they are just so vibrant and sunny!


  1. It is lovely, very summery and seeing as how we have had torrential rain here today it is also very fitting :) Jen.

  2. Gorgeous juicy strawberries, Little L loves stuffing them whole into her mouth. I know what you mean about it being so hard to relax once they become mobile, it's much easier when they're smaller and they just sit in their maxi-cosi x


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