Tuesday, 22 June 2010

'Pink heels and lots of sparkle ~' by ~A.n.a~

Pink heels and lots of sparkle ~, originally uploaded by ~A.n.a~.

I love this photo and I love the shoes. In fact I really want a pair just like these even though I have no idea when I'd wear them. I so miss wearing my high heels but being a stay-at-home mum and running around after a speedy toddler all day rather lends itself better to a pair of trainers or flip flops.

The photo is fantastic because it's a really interesting angle. I really love the sparkle and the dreamy tone it has as well. If this was used as an advert for these shoes then I am sure they'd sell incredibly well.


  1. They are beautiful, but, like you, I am of the trainer variety these days :) Jen.

  2. oh my. these are gorgeous. i love the color and the sheen. i wonder how they'd work for vacuuming?

  3. Oh I hear you...lol..you need sneakers for catching a todler :-) But gosh those shoes are to die for!!!! I love the shooting angle too, very creative!!

  4. this free bird - I think they'd be perfect for vacuuming!! In fact next time I hoover I might just put on some fancy heels!


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