Wednesday, 16 June 2010

'Balls!' by Me

Balls!, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

You'll be pleased to know that yesterday's bad mood was gone by this morning. The lovely weather helped of course! I was hoping for a paddling pool day as it was so sunny but a bit of a chilly breeze turned it into a ball pool day instead. As you can imagine a toddler with paddling pool full of balls did mean lots of throwing them about. No matter, it just made for a good photo. I like this one because it looks a little bit surreal in a way. Probably because I took it from so low on the ground. I also like it because it will remind me of happy summer days in the garden.


  1. It is surreal, but fabulous. We have a ball pool out the back too and I spend more time picking up and throwing - they see it as a competition and gang up on me :D Love the daisies in this too :)

  2. How colorful! The daisies are pretty!

  3. A happy summer day for sure! Love all the pops of color and how they are mixed in with daisies. Such a gorgeous photo! So happy you are happy and loving the gorgeous weather. Send some cooler weather our way please!! :)


  4. Wow great photo - fantastic summery colours x

  5. SO cool!! It totally speaks fun


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