Tuesday, 1 June 2010

'Bicycle' by Me

Bicycle, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

Do you want to know what my latest fascination is? Maybe not but I'm going to tell you anyway. It's baskets, wicker ones in particular. I have always wanted one of those baskets you put on the stairs so you can fill it up with things that need to go upstairs. Well I finally got myself one last week and I love it! It's actually really useful and fantastic in my quest for trying to keep the house uncluttered.

I am also loving bicycles with baskets on the front. They are just so pretty. I went to Cambridge a few weeks ago and I was amazed by just how many bikes there were around the city. And so many of them had these lovely baskets on. I want one now so I can ride around town with pretty things sitting in front of me.

I took this sneaky picture while in Cambridge. There were loads of bikes resting against the wall and I couldn't leave without at least one photo. And I thought making it black and white would give it a nostalgic feel and finish the image off perfectly.


  1. The black and white is perfect, it took straight to a mental image of a rural village in Ireland. Guess some photos don't have a nationality attached:) Jen.

  2. Love this image! Nice to see some of your own personal work.

    And you've given me a great idea... I keep walking to and from the train, perhaps I should invest in a bike with a little basket? CUTE! Ok, off to Ebay I go...

  3. I have a bike like that!! but not with a basket, but with a crate. I really love my bike, I can carry so much with me! I want to purchase a basket too, because the crate sometimes makes lots of noise when it's not loaded.

  4. Add a baguette, cheese and wine to that basket and we're in business!

  5. Oh, I agree about wicker baskets. Much better than metal ones. Lucky you to go to Cambridge! And you're right, the black and white is very nostalgic. Great image! Have a wonderful weekend. – g


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