Tuesday, 8 June 2010

'Reflecting but not pondering...' by clay.wells

Where has the summer gone? Why all this rain? Fingers crossed the sun will be back again soon! In fact it was a little sunny in places today so I think it's just hiding. But a bit of rain doesn't have to mean photography has to stop. In fact incredible shots can come from something as simple as a puddle. Take for example this photo of an amazing relfection. I love the dark blue sky as it looks like the rain has passed and it's actually turned out to be a lovely summer's evening.

So if you see a weird woman walking along looking at the ground over the next few days then that's probably me! I shall be looking for perfect photo opportunities in the puddles.

By the way, it didn't come to me until I starting writing this post but... Photo.... Puddle.... PhotoPuddle! Ha ha, it was meant to be!


  1. Lol at 'photo puddle', we can expect a lot more reflections then?? :D This is a great photo, it is so clear, incredible :) Jen.

  2. That is a wonderful photo :) and so apt for your blog! x

  3. I know exactly what you mean! When I discovered Ttv photography I pledged to see everything around me as if it was a reflection through the lens because everything does look better when you look through the old duaflex, no?


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