Wednesday, 23 June 2010

'summer memory' by {life through the lens}

summer memory, originally uploaded by {life through the lens}.

This has the potential to become my all time favourite summer photo. (I'm not going to commit to giving it that title just yet though as there are just too many wonderful summer photos out there)!

The funny thing about it though is when I saw it first it was a miserable day and to be honest it didn't really capture my imagine that much. But then when I took a second look it the sun was shining bright and I instantly fell in love! Watermelons are the ultimate summer fruit I reckon (close second is strawberries) and even though you can't see the blue sky or the sun you just know this was a perfect summer's day.


  1. the lighting, tones, subject from the pigtails to the chomped on watermelon - yup definitely a great one! :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous week!


    Thanks for the well wishes, too. Really appreciate it. :)

  2. You'd love it out here, you see them everywhere piled high on the back of pick-ups!

  3. oh i love this one!!totally reminds me of being a kid and eating watermelon in the summer w/my mom. homesick :(

  4. Thank you for displaying my image and I'm so glad that it made you happy. It makes me happy too. ♥


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