Sunday, 20 June 2010

'Bon Appetit' by Angie Naron

Bon Appetit, originally uploaded by Angie Naron.

I want to use my blog today to say Happy Father's Day to my husband as I know he will be reading this. He is such a terrific dad to our little girl and even though she's still too young to know what Father's Day is I know she'd agree he's the best dad in the world.

As planned we went off to the beach today and had a fantastic time. I have taken loads of photos - surprise, surprise - but still need to sort them out. Will try and be organised enough to show one to you tomorrow.

Therefore, today's photo is a bit random but I wanted to include it as I think it deserves a special mention simply for the effort that went into creating it. It really is one of those photos to make you smile! Although I think if was woken up to this as breakfast in bed I might just be a little bit startled!


  1. This did make me smile. Someone went to a lot of trouble with this, look at all the eyes on the breakfast cereal. Love it :) Jen.

  2. it made me smile fact i just emailed it to my hubby! told him i might make it for him some day! hehe

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. That is so daughter really liked it and also wondered how long it would take to put eyes on everything- especially the cereal. I hope your husband had a wonderful father's day. xoxo, Kristi

  4. A great way to wake up smiling

  5. This is too cute! My son (4) would love this :-)


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