Wednesday, 19 May 2010

'Call a spade a spade' by Me

Call a spade a spade, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I have realised I've not really posted much of my own photography so far this month. I guess I'm not being inspired so much by my own photos at the moment, especially as I keep finding so many amazing images by really talented photographers.

I was therefore finding it hard to pick one of my own to feature tonight (even harder trying to avoid more shots of beach huts and tulips!) so I thought I'd ask Flickr what to post. Here is, according to Flickr, my most "interesting" photo - whatever that means! I do like it luckily. I like it because it was taken on a beautiful day out in Littlehampton. This was the only shot I took of these spades (as I wasn't sure if you were allowed to hang out in a beach front shop taking photos of the merchandise!) so I am pleased it turned out OK.


  1. It's lovely, reminds me of sunny days and holidays :) Jen.

  2. makes me want to head to the seaside the pop art feel!

  3. This is really fun! I do hope you post more of your own photos. It's hard not to compare one's own work to other people's, and there are a lot of beautiful images out there, but just remember no one else has your life or your viewpoint and ideas that make your images unique and enjoyable. xo – g


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