Monday, 17 May 2010

'The flower behind the refraction' by Morphicx

I love close up shots of flowers and this one is just fantastic. It's a real burst of colour. I love the yellow and pink together. And what makes this extra special is the water droplets on it. Fantastic detail. I am so pleased that summer is almost here and all the summer flowers will soon be blooming. I'll hopefully be able to lots of lovely macro flower shots that I can share with you. Fingers crossed they'll be as great as this one.


  1. That's so pretty - I love hot pink flowers

  2. holly macro! this is wonderful...and yes, i'm sure that you and your camera will pull off some pretty cool pic's too!

    love the colours in this one...makes me want to draw it!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. It is gorgeous and I love the detail, you can even see the stamen!! I love the drops too because I love when a flower feels cool to touch :) Jen.

  4. I too love Macro. It's what I'm most comfortable with. As my blog is *new* I've not really had chance to post many...


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