Thursday, 20 May 2010

'104/365 [2010]' by Qasim Mirza

104/365 [2010], originally uploaded by Qasim Mirza.

I am posting this picture as a reminder to myself to paint my toe nails! Summer appears to be here so it's time for sandals and pretty feet! In my younger days I used to paint my finger nails all the time but the effort involved in that is far too much now! I always seem to chip my nail polish pretty much as soon as it's dried but no one notices what's going on with your toes so you can get away with imperfect polish for ages! Or maybe that's just me!

Of course as well as a reminder this is a great photo as well. I love the bright pink and seem to be featuring a lot of the colour at the moment. And a colour like this on a bright white background is always so striking. I just hope it was taken on something disposable and no nice piece of furniture or anything was painted in order to get the perfect shot!


  1. Bright pink is one of my favourite colours - neons are very this summer aren't they?

  2. I love how bright it is against the white, very striking and I don't even like pink :) Jen.


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