Saturday, 8 May 2010

'The Journey' by simply hue

The Journey, originally uploaded by simply hue.

You may or may not remember a post I wrote about my love of steam trains and how I would love to take an Orient Express style journey through Europe! Both me and my husband even looked into it but - ouch - those prices are steep!!! But never mind, the fantasty is probably even more exciting than the reality! I said I would have to find some beautiful luggage and here it is! Pictured in this fantastic photo are the fabulous cases I'll be taking with me. Now all I need to find is my dream dress for dinner!


  1. Beautiful cases, they're from another era - there is definitely something v. romantic about the orient express, it's one of our dreams too.

  2. The think I would love about the Orient Express is going to sleep on the train, somehow I imagine it would be lovely to have a proper sleep on a train and not the 'head falling over to the side and drooling' kind of nap:) Jen.

  3. The motion of a train is very soothing isn't it so I imagine you would get a great sleep in a proper bed on a train. Far better than falling asleep on a fellow commuters shoulder, then waking up with a jump and dribble down your chin!

  4. That picture is adorable, I feel the urge to travel by looking at it. The colours are fabulous and very feminine. I love everything about it!


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