Friday, 28 May 2010

'Pink Dawn' by MazzaPix

Pink Dawn, originally uploaded by MazzaPix.

After yesterday's dramatic fire picture I thought I would calm things down a little with this amazingly tranquil photo. It really is stunning. I imagine that looking at this when you are stressed out would make you feel a just that little bit more peaceful inside. And just think what it would be like waking up to this view every morning. What a great start to the day - although perhaps I'd end up being so chilled out and wouldn't get anything done.


  1. It is the kind of photo I want to just sit and stare at (in silence). Amazing:) Jen.

  2. Thanks so much for coming over and checking out the have amazing photos on your blog. What a find!

  3. Oh that photo is just the best, I could at it for ages...the colors, the water and the serenity of it.

    xoxo DJ

  4. Beautiful picture....I'd like that blown up and put somewhere in my house. :0)

  5. Absolutly georgeus peaceful to look


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