Monday, 1 March 2010

'pink hydrangea' by *jardino

pink hydrangea, originally uploaded by *jardino.

Well what do you know - my spring wishes from yesterday came true! I woke up this morning to gorgeous sunshine, it was rather warm out and I spotted quite a few spring flowers getting ready to make their entrance into the world. What shall I wish for tomorrow I wonder?

Anyway, on to today's photo. I have picked this one because I think the close up detail is stunning. It is so sharp and clear. I love the crisp, bright colours too and the pink and blue compliment each other perfectly. Fantastic shot.


  1. your blog page came up...and this brilliant photo was here to great me! and all i could say was

    YUM! it's gorgeous and smile inducing!

    thanks for sharing that...

  2. Thank you for the showcase and mention here... keep up the great work!!

  3. Gorgeous pic!

  4. Beautiful - love the detail.

    p.s. You've won the gnome prize - he is now Derek haha! Email me your details & I'll send you your prize (email is on my profile) :D


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