Tuesday, 30 March 2010

'Happy Easter' by Me

Happy Easter, originally uploaded by PhotoPuddle.

I know it's not Easter quite yet but I took this one today so I thought I'd share it with you - and it's always nice to share chocolate! I actually had a bit of a random object photo session today but this simple photo of some chocolate eggs was the only one I was really happy with. It was a harder image to capture than you'd think as the eggs kept rolling away from each other!

Would you believe that I haven't even eaten any of these yet? Perhaps I should go and rectify that right now.


  1. I love those shiny wrappers. They get me excited for the bunny :) xx

    stay at a friend's house!!!

  2. They'd be gone if they were at my house! Lovely image...love the pastel colors.

  3. Yummy, now I want some! I love the shiny paper :)

  4. YUM!!! craving one of those right now!

  5. I like the composition and the shine from the wrappers. I can't believe you didn't eat one yet. You need to reward yourself for taking such a fun picture with some now. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing a little chocolate today. :)


  6. Happy Easter to you, too! – g


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