Tuesday, 2 March 2010

'Mandarin' by Just B Photography

Mandarin, originally uploaded by Just B Photography.

There is no story behind my photo choice tonight, I just think it's a beautiful photo. It's one of those shots where less is more. I love how a great photographer can make an every day item look so pretty. I really like the bowl in this but most of all I love the colouring of the photo. So subtle and interesting.


  1. That is so so sweet!! Thank you. I am very honored to be included on your gorgeous blog!!

  2. Beautiful and those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Did you know Tara at sticky Fingers has a photography workshop going on? Anyway you have an award for your lovely blog at mine

  3. Cool, I shall go and check out the Sticky Fingers blog. And thanks for the award. Very exciting!


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