Monday, 15 March 2010

'P is for Purple' by slightly above average

P is for Purple, originally uploaded by slightly above average.

This photo is so sweet. I love purple and the pile of purple books looks so cool. I love libraries too. I've always enjoyed going to them - as a child, as an adult and now I love taking my daughter.

I think all the little details in this are great. The 'P' in the background, the matching nail polish and the fact the book refers to ten little fingers and the child as her cute little fingers on the table.

P is for purple and it's also for pretty and perfect.


  1. Thanks for blogging this pic. Would you believe the P in the background was a happy accident? I didn't notice it until I did the PP :).

    I love libraries too!

  2. It's one of Hay's wonderful photos.

  3. P is for Perfect picture

  4. Purple is my favourite colour. This is such a cute shot.


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