Sunday, 28 February 2010

'summer chair' by Grant MacDonald

summer chair, originally uploaded by Grant MacDonald.

Tomorrow is the 1st March! I believe the offical first day of spring is 20th March but to me spring starts when March does (and a quick Google shows that the Met Office agrees with me!). Therefore tomorrow I expect to wake up to gorgeous sunshine, not having to wear a thick jumper and lots of spring blossoms! Fingers crossed eh!

I have chosen this photo today as it just makes me look forward to summer. It's not a photo of anything spectacular but it is so summery! The light and the warmth have been captured beautifully. I just want to be sat in that chair watching the world go by and feeling the warm sun on my face.

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  1. Our Autumn starts on the 1st March. On the 28th Feb I was in shorts,cotton shirt and very hot. !st March, jeans, long sleeved shirt and jumper! Freezing! Forget Autumn Winter has arrived in Australia now!!!


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