Sunday, 7 March 2010

'bubble bokeh' by nomadic tendencies

bubble bokeh, originally uploaded by nomadic tendencies.

I am using this photo as it has inspired me. I really want to take a photo as lovely as this of some bubbles. They are just so pretty and this is a fantastic capture.

I have tried but haven't managed it yet. I blame trying to do it single handedly. I can tell you it's not very easy to blow some bubbles, put the pot of bubble mixture down, pick up the camera and then take some photos (especially when you have a little girl next to you trying to pop them all). I think I will have to get in an assistant for this particular shot. My husband better be warned that he will shortly be spending time in the garden with a pot of bubble mixture! I shall let you know how I get on.


  1. Yeah, you need to bubble machine it.

  2. Bubbles are great, all that light and rainbow colours.
    I managed to do one (on my own with a pot of bubbles), and it was really tricky! Definitely better to get someone to do the blowing!


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