Sunday, 24 February 2013

'Somewhere Over Greenland' by tobysx70

Somewhere Over Greenland by tobysx70
Somewhere Over Greenland, a photo by tobysx70 on Flickr.

I've just been chatting with a friend on Twitter about polaroid photography and how I'm disappointed with how mine shots are turning out. I've now realise that I need to take my camera and go somewhere cool and different. I'm getting a bit bored of taking pictures around the house and in the park. I'm also rather inspired by this polaroid which was apparently taken up in the air somewhere over Greenland. Now that's something to aim for that's a bit more exciting than vase of flowers in my house! I love this shot, it looks so peaceful up there.

Right, time to get ordering more film!

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  1. It's funny, I felt the same about my polaroid camera (which has since pretty much died) because all I was doing was taking photos of things around the house! I should have taken it out more before it packed it in completely. Have fun with yours! :) That's a great shot, too - almost looks like a moonscape!


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