Saturday, 23 February 2013

'Croissants 2' by macapav

Croissants 2 by macapav
Croissants 2, a photo by macapav on Flickr.
Well the weekend hasn't started well. Today has been really crappy. Nothing serious just a grizzly baby, cancelled plans with friends, car sickness and a broken plate but I'm just so exhausted at the moment that I think I'm being a bit too emotional about everything. I feel like going to bed and sleeping for a week although to be honest I don't think that would help much. Fingers crossed we can find a brilliant way to spend our Sunday which will chill me out a little.

Anyway, to thank you for listening to my moaning here's gorgeous photo to look at. All the yummy food is great and it's a lovely crisp, colourful and well taken photo but my favourite thing about it has to be the matching plate and napkins.

Hope you're in the middle of a fabulous weekend!

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