Saturday, 16 February 2013

'walking is un american' by lomokev

walking is un american by lomokev
walking is un american, a photo by lomokev on Flickr.

You may have noticed I've not been doing my usual 'Happy Weekend' style post on a Friday recently. Well the reason for this is mainly that my husband and I have been going a bit old school of a Friday night and turning off the computer and settling down for an evening in front of the telly - usually with a yummy takeaway of some description! The reason I call this 'old school' is because that's how we used to spend a quiet evening in before blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc and in his case Xbox seemed to take over our lives. And you know what it's been lovely. I think everyone needs to find some time to just chill and do nothing much!

And the photo? Nothing to do with weekends or chilling out, I just really liked it. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because it kind of feels like the people in it have a bit of a spring in their step. Plus, I really want to know what's in the bag!

Hope your weekend is going fabulously for you!


  1. They do have a spring in there step as it was taken when I was on a photo shoot. The people in the photo are the art director and producer. We had just had lunch and where getting back to the shot when we had a little detour so the art director could purchase some sneakers, not the best time for shopping! Thanks for blogging.

    1. That's brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing the story behind the photo.


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