Thursday, 7 June 2012

Untitled image by somethings hiding in here

Untitled by somethings hiding in here
Untitled, a photo by somethings hiding in here on Flickr.
I have nothing to wear. To be honest I have lots of clothes but have decided I'm feeling rather uninspired by them. I need a good wardrobe cull and a huge shopping spree. I have tried to buy a few new things lately but I still need to find time to have a proper rummage through my hangers and drawers. I know there are probably lots of clothes hiding there which I've forgotten about as I wouldn't have seen them since I got pregnant at the end of last summer. I hope it turns out I have loads of brilliant items which I never wore but look fabulous on me. Fingers crossed!

Here is a clothing related photo which I think is rather fun. When you think of bow ties you generally imagine black ones or something rather nerdy but these are actually rather pretty. I love how they have been photographed all on top of each of each other like this. Means it's a very busy but colourful image. A great way of displaying this collection of neckwear.

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