Saturday, 2 June 2012

'Union Jack ♥' by miel bakes/madhu

Union Jack ♥ by miel bakes/madhu
Union Jack ♥, a photo by miel bakes/madhu on Flickr.
So for those of you who are having a long weekend due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are you having a nice time? Are you doing anything special yourself to mark the occasion? We have lots planned with friends and family this weekend but not doing anything in particular to celebrate. I thought, therefore, that I would put a celebratory picture on my blog and I chose this one. It's another case of 'what's not to love?'. It's a really well taken photo. I love the detail of the wooden table. I love all the Union Jack stuff that's about at the moment. I also love chocolate cake! Have fun everyone!


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