Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'wet silhouettes' by .•˙ TIM ˙•.

wet silhouettes by .•˙ TIM ˙•.
wet silhouettes, a photo by .•˙ TIM ˙•. on Flickr.
I am getting so bored of this cold, wet and miserable weather. I don't want a heatwave or anything, I'd just like it to be warm enough for my little boy to be able to wear the gorgeous summer clothes that people have been kind enough to buy him. At this rate he'll have grown out of them by the time the sun comes out again.

I love puddle pictures like this though. This one is so well observed. I wonder who that man in the photo is. And I love how the reflection in the puddle is so clear. You'd think it would be all murky but it's just as sharp as it would have been if it was a direct shot.

Fingers crossed there won't be many opportunities for puddle pictures round here for a while. I need sunshine!

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