Wednesday, 13 June 2012

'Little hands' by Me

Little hands by PhotoPuddle
Little hands, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.
Just wanted to share with you a photo from my Instagram which I really love. It's my son's hands as he sits in his buggy. Aren't they beautiful? Actually all baby's hands are wonderful aren't they? So tiny and so perfect. When I got my mobile phone out to take this photo he actually moved his hands which was very annoying, but then he ever so kindly put them back where they were so I could get this shot. This is definitely a picture that will make me smile if I am feeling down.


  1. Oh so cute, I'm a sucker for baby feet too. I'd also like to bottle the smell of the top of E's head (must try not to sniff him in public haha!)

  2. Ohhhh well done with this shot... So adorable. I love it !!!

  3. This is just so gorgeous. Nothing beats baby hands and feet :)


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