Friday, 1 June 2012

'Werra' by HaN2T

Werra by HaN2T
Werra, a photo by HaN2T on Flickr.
I must apologise to my little blog for neglecting it this past month. Unfortunately, I've just not had the time to spend on it. Well I say unfortunately but it's not exactly been terrible using the time looking after and getting to know my new baby boy. I do miss blogging though so now it's June I am going to make sure I post more. I hope you'll still be visiting.

Here is a lovely image to start the month with. Also here in the UK we're about to have a super long Bank Holiday weekend so another reason to celebrate with a pretty photo. And a camera and flowers, what's not to love!


  1. Nice camera! Please take care of yourself and those kiddos.

  2. Gessh.. these babies taking up our blogging time! ;o) I find myself wanting to sit and stare at Dylan instead of using his sleep time to blog/do other things!! I like pretty flowers :) x

    1. I know, how rude of them to be so adorable. Don't they realise we're busy people with lots to do!


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