Wednesday, 15 June 2011

'Converse rocks' by Me

Converse rocks by PhotoPuddle
Converse rocks, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

The trouble with little children is that they keep growing! The reason this is a problem is that I will get my daughter something nice to wear and then without warning she'll go and grow out of it. Take for example her little pink converse trainers that my friend picked up for me when she was in America recently. She's not had them long but her feet suddenly decided they wanted to grown pretty much overnight. This means that this week has been mainly spent searching for nice new shoes! Luckily my little girl seems to be as in love with shoes and shoe shopping as I am so it's not been too much of a stressful mission.

Here's a photo I took of her little pink converse shoes and my purple ones (which look huge next to hers). I really wanted to get a photo like this as they just look so pretty together.


  1. I know what you mean. I can't tell you how many outfits Nate has that he hasn't even been able to wear cuz he's completely outgrown them =( Just another reminder that they're growing up.
    Nate has neon green converse and I love them! Great photo :)

  2. I love children's shoes that are dinky versions of adult brands. However, they don't have a dinky price tag do they? We lost a shoe on our way into town the other week so I had to leg it back to try and find it again since they were £28 (Clarks). Luckily I found it, I was nearly half way back home mind. Now, no shoes when in the buggy!

  3. I bought my friends daughter baby pink converse. I couldn't resist, even though I knew she'd grow out of them almost immediately. But our mutual friend is a paediatric nurse and was knew exactly what sensible presents to buy. I just knew I'd get the wrong things since I've never been around babies before!

    So I went ridiculously cute and frivolous! I think she chewed them more than she wore them! But they were so, so cute! x

  4. momma j lee ♥ - I saw that photo of Nate's green converse on your blog. They are so cute!

    The Bird - I couldn't believe how much children's shoes cost when she got her first pair at Clarks. I swear I spend more on my daughter's shoes that I do on my own.

    Emily - Trust me, I bet the mum loved those little pink converse. They may be totally impractical but so cute. As a parent you just can't justify buying stuff like that yourself so it fab when someone else does!


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