Sunday, 12 June 2011

'JellyBabies' by Jacknalfiesmum

Once again I've been abscent from the online world for a few days but that's because I'm been busy having an awesome weekend. It was a rather busy one which included dinner and dancing with the girls, a kid's birthday party, chilling indoors out of the rain and meeting the fabulous Derren Brown (which was definitely the highlight of the weekend).

I am now snuggled up in bed eating jelly babies and so here is a fantastic jelly baby photo. I just love all the bright colours. I've often tried taking pictures of objects using bright paper but not patterned paper so may have to give this a ago myself. I'd use the jelly babies but I'm not sure there'll be any left by tomorrow!


  1. Love this one! Jelly babbies rock x

  2. And amazingly there are some left in the box!


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