Wednesday, 29 June 2011

'Brighton brighton brighton' by trembly1

Brighton brighton brighton by trembly1
Brighton brighton brighton, a photo by trembly1 on Flickr.

It was sunny today so my little girl and I decided on a trip to Brighton. We had lunch, played on the beach, then did a spot of shopping. The highlight for me was probably having a look in a camera and photography shop which I've walked past so many times before but never actually gone in. It was fantastic and it's really made me think some more about getting an instant camera of some sort. It was nice to chat and get some advice from someone who obviously had a lot of knowledge on that type of camera.

If I did get a polaroid style camera then I could go down to Brighton and take photos like this. What I love about polaroids is the gritty realness you get. It also means you have to work to find beauty in every day things and look for places that are really interesting. I love this beach hut photo because it's so retro and "real". It's an interesting contrast to all the bright and pretty beach hut photos you see.

Right, better get researching. I've asked on here before but any more advice and opinions on the subject are most welcome.

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