Tuesday, 21 June 2011

'Fête foraine' by anneso_cachemireetsoie

Fête foraine by anneso_cachemireetsoie
Fête foraine, a photo by anneso_cachemireetsoie on Flickr.

Today is the summer solstice. This means it's the longest day of the year and as of tomorrow the days are going to start getting shorter. I know it will take ages for the evenings to get dark again but there is bit of me that finds it rather depressing that the longest day happens so early in the summer. And especially this year because June has been so rubbish and there have been no opportunities for sitting outside in the evening and enjoying the light.

And talking of light, here is a photo that features wonderful sunlight. The sun has just been captured so beautifully. I also love the angle that the big wheel has been taken from as it makes it look so huge. I'm not sure where this is but I bet there is a fantastic view from the top.


  1. I've always found summer solstice to be a bitter sweet day ... it's like count down to the end of summer begins that day. "le sigh"

  2. gorgeous shot, I've often had a go at this but haven't had success like this one yet.
    Very inspiring


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