Thursday, 30 June 2011

'Disco balls on the beach' by Me

Disco balls on the beach by PhotoPuddle
Disco balls on the beach, a photo by PhotoPuddle on Flickr.

I took this yesterday on Brighton beach. Isn't it just really cool? It looks like I've messed with the photo in some way but it was in fact two disco balls that where outside a bar on the sea front. When I saw them I knew I just had to photograph them. Trouble is it was just me and my two year old so I couldn't just wander off to take pictures. This was therefore taken with a really long zoom. I think it's still been captured well. I now want to go back again and take a picture from the other side as that would show a pixelated image of the pier which would also be very cool.


  1. Oh I love it, you can really see the details. I have an urge forna Brighton sefront wander now.

  2. Yes, this is really, really cool. Very creative! Thanks for stopping by – lovely to hear from you. I've been on the road so much that my blogging time has been limited. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.

    xo – g


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