Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'roller coaster' by Leahminium

roller coaster by Leahminium
roller coaster, a photo by Leahminium on Flickr.

I've got a real thing about funfair photos. I realised that when I saw how many ferris wheel photos I've posted on this blog! I should rename this blog 'It's all about the beach huts and big wheels'! Fairgrounds do make for such great photos though as there's always so many colours and interesting shapes. For example, I really like this photo because of the lovely bright colours and also because of the great shapes. My favourite bit though has to be in the small details. I love the guy in the second carriage with his arms in the air. He's waving them like he's being really brave but from the looks of this photo it seems to be the least scary bit of rollercoaster ever! It would be interesting to learn what the rest of the ride is like.


  1. I love fairground pics too, so vibrant and I like the cheesiness too. I like the colours on this pic - pink, blue & yellow are a great combination.

    Love your blog xx

  2. That reminds me of my childhood and summer. Funfairs are awesome!!

  3. The Bird - Thanks! It's lovely to hear you love my blog.

    Photographer Mum - Funfairs are rather awesome aren't they!


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