Thursday, 13 June 2013

'Wind Turbines' by mliebenberg

Wind Turbines by mliebenberg
Wind Turbines, a photo by mliebenberg on Flickr.

I think I've mentioned here before that I find wind turbines quite fascinating and think they make a great subject for a photo. I was therefore in my element in Cornwall as they were everywhere. I didn't actually take any photos of them but I did stare out of the car window a lot looking at them as we were passing them by. I guess I think they look really majestic and look so striking in the landscape of miles and miles of fields.

As I didn't take any pictures of the Cornish wind turbines I thought I would hunt out a picture by someone else to show you. I love this because it's really bold and bright and fields are so yellow. And that's another thing I like - fields of hay bales! I've never taken any photos of them myself either but I would like to.

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