Monday, 24 June 2013

'My Britmums Live photo that has nothing at all to do with Britmums!' by Me

So this weekend I went to BritMums Live and I can honestly say it was amazing. I wanted to write this post yesterday but spent the day just processing the whole thing in my head. This was my first blogger conference and I think it’s fair to say the whole thing was rather overwhelming but totally inspiring. I met some amazing, inspirational, talented and genuinely lovely people.

I have no idea exactly how to write this so I thought I would go with the bullet points I jotted down in my notebook on the way home on the train. So in no particular order here are my thoughts on the conference.

Not all of the sessions felt particularly relevant to me or my blog but I loved the two photography ones I attended. I am now in love with iphoneography thanks to a great presentation by Richard Gray so expect a few Smartphone pictures to appear here in the future.

My last post was all about decluttering. Well that’s all gone out of the window thanks to the massive amount of freebies I brought home with me. Seriously I must have looked a sight carrying so much stuff through London. I was close to getting myself stuck in the barriers of the tube station at one point.

Bloggers are amazing people and I wish I’d met more of them and been a bit more vocal. Because I’m a tad on the shy side and it felt like no one had really heard of me (having an anonymous blog doesn’t help with this) I didn’t really make as many new friends as I would have hoped. I’m much harder to shut up on Twitter though so I’m sure I will chat with people from the weekend on there instead.

I got a feeling not a lot of people actually read my little blog but that’s fine. I honestly do blog just for me and if anyone else reads this it’s a bonus. I did give out a few business cards though so hopefully a few people will come over here for a visit.

I missed my family like crazy, especially my two children as it was the longest I’ve ever been apart from them. I definitely got the “me time” I’ve been craving for a while though which was fantastic.

There were some fantastic speakers. Katy Hill is hilarious. I love her openness and the way she is a self-confessed over-sharer. I will definitely be following her new blog. And Katie Piper is an inspirational woman. I met her when she signed her book and thought she was lovely.

And finally this weekend was really special for me as I got to finally meet my good friend Heather from Stay at Home Mum Loving It. We’ve been friends for a while now but had never actually met until this weekend. And I am pleased to report that she’s just as lovely in real life as she is online! It feel like we’ve know each other forever and I’m sure we’ll be friends for life. I now need to convince her to come and move to the south east of England as we live just too damn far apart.

I had no idea what photo to put with this but I figured it should really be one of mine. I hardly took any pictures at the event itself so here is a picture of beach huts in Cornwall. I figure this might be the first post some people read of mine so I should make it known from the start that if you follow my blog there will be beach huts!


  1. Awww what a lovely round up of your weekend. I'm so glad I was a part of your first blogging experience. I loved meeting you and you are just as lovely in real life too.

    I wish we lived closer but you'll have to move up north as I am NEVER MOVING AGAIN :D


    p.s. Make sure you link the post up to the BritMums linky too.

    1. No I don't want to move up north as I'd be too far away from London and I'd have to spend ages sitting on the train to get to BritMums!!
      Thanks for the tip about the linky. I added myself to that.

  2. Hello! Nipped over from the linky and pleased I have. It's an intense weekend isn't it? All the people, the sessions, the brands, the people, the food, the people, the laughter, the tears and did I mention the people? Glad you got to meet Heather, she's fabulous

    1. So many people!! And so weird that I was constantly spotting people I recognised but they had know idea who I was!

  3. So glad I got to meet you and we have a mutual friend for life in Heather x
    Where do you live in South East I would love to see you again x

    1. We should gang up on Heather and make her move south!! Although I really think she'll be scared off moving ever again after today! Perhaps we'll have to wait until her kids have left home and she's downsizing!
      And I won't say the actual town publicly on here but I am in West Sussex. The East Sussex and Surrey end rather than Hampshire end if that makes sense. LOL!


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