Friday, 28 June 2013

'Untitled' by Haley Stark

Untitled by Haley Stark
Untitled, a photo by Haley Stark on Flickr.

The weather's actually not been too bad this week so yesterday I said to my daughter we could have a picnic for lunch today. Sadly though today has just been wet and grey so no picnic for us. I am really not hoping for a heatwave but come on summer you can do better than this. I want the school holidays to be full of picnics, trips to the playground and many other outdoors adventures.

I love this picnic photo. I looks like a group of good friends having a lovely time. I like that it was taken from above as it means we can have a good nosy at what's going on. And I do like a good nosy. I think that explains why I like social media so much!

Happy weekend everyone! Hope the next few days are full of sunshine, great friends and eating al fresco!

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